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Missing Y-DNA results in 2nd panel

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  • Darren
    Hello Bill Harvey,

    I would recommend having someone take a look at that. You can either email [email protected] or you can private message me with more details and I can try and get you to the right person.

    Family Tree DNA

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  • Bill Harvey
    started a topic Missing Y-DNA results in 2nd panel

    Missing Y-DNA results in 2nd panel

    I originally had four testees involved in the Y-DNA first panel holdup.

    Currently :

    the single Batch 592 problem is resolved as he received his completed results on 1/3/2015.

    one of the three Batch 596 testees is still awaiting results - his order was placed 9/3/2014 but he was not batched until 11/13/2014 so the delay was probably due to late payment.

    the remaining two of the original three delayed results within Batch 596 were given first panel Y-DNA results on 1/29/2015 and their tests were termed as being completed BUT they are both missing the same seven marker results for the second panel -- only DYS458 and DYS437 have values posted.

    Are there other instances of this happening or is this something I should discuss wit CS?

    Bill Harvey