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"In common with" Not Working???

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  • "In common with" Not Working???

    My mother got a new match about a week ago. This match also matches me and my first cousin. When I click the "In common with" button on this persons profile from my mother's account, I get a list of matches, most of whom share the same segment and also match each other with the Matrix Tool.

    My match says that several of these people are not in her list of matches at all, and they do not show up when she clicks the "In common with" on my mother's profile.

    I always thought the "In common with" tool, gave you the list of people who were in both your list and that person's list??? And that you could then use the Matrix Tool to find out if any of these "in common" matches were also on each others lists, and then use the Chromosome Browser to see if they all shared the same segment.

    Is this not how it works??? Is it a bug that she doesn't get an identical "In common with" list???

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    One reason may depend on what each of your match and email settings are set at.

    Let say one of you have it set not to see speculative matches, while the other see all level of matches.

    The one set to not see speculative (or any other level that is set to No)will not have these people on their In Common With lists. They are still there just hidden on all lists.

    Check which level of matching is set for each kit in question
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