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  • MyFamilyTree PHOTOS suggestions:

    - PHOTOS:
    - please post the preferred minimum to maximum width and height sizes for
    those of us preferring to tweak our files so they display exactly what
    we want; (the FREE IRFANVIEW.EXE file is outstanding for this)
    - subject to storage limits (maybe we could even buy more), shouldn't we
    have the ability to upload multiple files for any individual (or group
    of individuals) in our family tree?! I know this would make it much
    more interesting for outsiders to peruse the tree for their own
    ancestry and maybe even encourage them to sign up to find out more
    about their own unique MATERNAL DNA ancestry.

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    Images solution via facebook

    So, I have created separate color coded images of my mother's and father's ancestry tree for 12 generations going back to the early 1600s. Each can be displayed on one page or printed on a single letter (mother's 12 generations) or legal (father's 10 generations) sized piece of paper.

    They have been uploaded to the new 'secret' OurFamilyTree group on facebook with 28 relatives thereat members and being able to view them. All of the known surnames, birth places & dates and death dates are shown along with other interesting information. Text versions of both will also be uploaded so that searching on surnames or whatever else is facilitated.
    Have also converted the colorized versions to white on black images for easier viewing - the surnames with varying colors really stand out better in those images.

    The process is a thousand times more efficient than the one here on MyFamilyTree. Am hoping to eventually finding someone here interested in doing likewise here but may die before that happens. In any case,the world moves on regardless of those seemingly always stuck in the mud.


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      Not related to FTDNA

      We moved away from sharing anything static, to sharing live databases in a read-only mode over the Internet. Of course, the researchers have access level that allows modifications.

      The only (but major) problem being that some ISPs make it difficult to have an IP address directly visible on Internet.



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        don't understand that reply at all - am a decade beyond having had to refer to or use IP addresses for anything - that's all automatic and hidden from that I assume.


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          Internet / ISP technobabble

          I am not sure how to explain the problem...

          The technical side is covered by the Wikipedia article

          In short, some ISP do not give to their (mostly residential) customers IP addresses that can be reached from Internet. As long as one does not host any server at home, one might not even notice. However, if one has a genealogical server (for example powered by GeneWeb, GeneoTree or webtrees) at home and one wants to make it accessible on Internet, such an IP address is required.

          This has nothing to do with dynamic vs. static IP address allocation, although for marketing purposes some ISPs may tie visibility to static IP addresses.

          Some ISPs do not even offer a pay-for-option to have an IP address accessible from Internet.



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            Thanks, figured it was something I was NOT doing.