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Gauging Sample Use in Storage

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  • Gauging Sample Use in Storage

    I would like to see some system where the DNA Testing Capacity of a test kit is indicated.

    For example, a good swab could represent 10 units of testing. If one has 3 swabs in storage, their website would indicate 30 units. Then, each a la carte test should have an estimated qty of testing units associated with it. STR67 to STR11: 4 units. Big Y: 8 units. SNP test: 1 unit etc. This would not be an exact metric... but rather an indicator.

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    I'd love to see some sort of estimate about that, as well. For example, something went wrong with my grandmother's FF test (I never got an answer as to what). It was batched, failed (?), and then completed after what I am guessing was a second run. Was her sample bad? Is it exhausted? I have no idea. I intend to get her mtDNA tested but have no idea whether there is enough left to run the test and since she is 94....

    Meanwhile my also elderly dad has extra samples stored and I can get her mtDNA through him, but I would rather use his for his future YDNA upgrades.


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      I have contacted the help desk before ordering tests when there is no chance of getting another DNA sample. They have given me prompt replies. FTDNA probably couldn't use a formula to determine how much is left because it can sometimes depend on how vigorously the person scraped their cheek. I have one relative who has had 67 marker, upgraded to 111 marker Y, full MTDNA, both versions of Family Finder and Big Y on his initial sample. Another relative needed a replacement after his 67 marker Y and the first version of Family Finder.



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        Thanks for the feedback.

        Funny but I don't recall the instructions recommending vigorous scraping?

        Anyway, there are terms in the mathematical world that deal with variances... such as AVERAGE & MEAN.

        It is clear that the convenience way out of this is to just wait for orders to be placed.... and then advise when another swab is needed. But for those who may have elderly testers with us this year... buy likely not in a few years, this "convenient way" can lead to some upsetting outcomes.