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Suggestions for display of Family Finder matches

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  • loobster
    Did you know message must be at least 10 characters? so
    "Ditto" got rejected as message too short - but that is all I wanted to say - me too - I agree.

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  • susan_dakin
    started a topic Suggestions for display of Family Finder matches

    Suggestions for display of Family Finder matches

    A constant annoyance is that when I change the sort order from the default, choose "full view," and then choose to view several matches in the chromosome browser, the list of matches reverts to the default sort order and the standard view. So after I dismiss the chromosome browser window, I have to change the sort order again and choose "full view" again. I don't understand why the list reverts to the defaults, because the matches window stays open in the background when the chromosome browser opens. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if we could set view preferences that would be remembered from one session to the next (or at least within a session). And why not make "full view" the default, anyway? What is the use of the standard view?