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How to Report a Website/Technical Issue

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  • How to Report a Website/Technical Issue

    IT has asked me to post the following information:
    We test code extensively on Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11, and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

    When customers are experiencing website issues, the following technical details will help us troubleshoot:

    * operating system
    * web browser (ie: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
    * web browser version
    * web browser extensions they have installed
    * antivirus software they are using

    When customers get a Houston We Have a Problem page, please also send a screenshot -- it contains code information about the specific error.

    Please describe the error or issue, and also explain exactly what you were trying to do when the error occured.

    The best way to report technical issues is to use the Technical form on the Contact page of our website, since it automatically picks up some information from your web browser, and also allows you to attach a screenshot.
    * Go to
    * Click on Other Topics (bottom right of the 8 options within the first half of the page)
    * In the section that opens below, click on Technical
    * Enter your kit number, name, email address, error/issue details and attach a screen shot
    * Click Submit

    IMPORTANT: Please ONLY submit website/technical issues this way so that they get properly categorized in our helpdesk system and addressed by the right people.

    Thank you!
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