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  • E-Mail Contact Error

    I have now discovered at least two kits where, if I click on the Profile I see one contact e-mail, but if I download via Excel I am shown a different e-mail.

    One is a Kit I am also able to log on -- Looking at the recently introduced Profile details, they show the same e-mail as was shown in the Excel download. Looking at "Contact Details", they show the same e-mail as I saw when I clicked on the Profile (while in the other Kit). [In other words - also true that e-mail in "Profile Details" and e-mail in "Contact Details" are Different!! - and this matches the difference I mention above. ]

    They are both somewhat recently received/processed Kits - and ones where I believe a change was made to the E-Mail sometime in July. Do not know if that is relevant, but thought it might be.

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    OR -- is having one e-mail in Profile detail, different e-mail in Contact - neither showing two e-mails -- a result of the method they are now using for ordering - now, when ordering a kit to be sent to someone else -- you put your name, address, and e-mail one place, their name, address, and e-mail in the other place - instead of one e-mail, followed by additional e-mail.

    And if so - how were we supposed to have done it, with the current method?
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      Can you send me the kit # and/or match's name by private message so I can take a look?