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Houston Error Page with GAP

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  • Houston Error Page with GAP

    I am administrator of a small family project and have just encountered a rather strange problem. On the Member Information page, when I click on any kit no. for an immediate family member I get the Houston error page.

    There are a few people who have joined the project who are not family members. I do not get the error page when I click on their kit numbers.

    I logged out as group administrator and logged in to one of my family's kits privately. I did not get the Houston error page that way.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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    I'm still getting the Houston error!

    When are they going to fix this? We get new matches, but we can't see them???


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      While I agree, it would be nice for them to correct on their end, it can be fixed by user by leaving Family Finder Project and rejoining.

      This is what I did, but I only have 14 members of which only 13 had error message.


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        I've noticed this error for quite a few days. I know when the Houston error pops up it says they are notified of the error but I wonder if in fact that is the case? It seems things are only fixed when IT is notified by customer service or the moderator here, and the moderator seems to be MIA at the moment. I only get the Houston error when trying to access the matches through GAP, not when logging in individually to the accounts. It may work to quit the project and rejoin as mentioned but I will just wait for a proper fix.