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  • my DNA : New Navigation Bar

    Just to report a possible bug with the new navigation bar:

    All the drop-down menus and submenus seem to be working OK when I try them with the exception of one, which is the

    My DNA > My mtDNA > Matches option.

    Using this command takes you to the mtDNa-Matches Filter Matches screen where the default filter is for the

    HVR1, HVR2, Coding Region option

    When I arrive at this screen, however, it fails to load my matches (of which I have 13 ranging from GD0 to GD3) instead 'hanging' in a 'Loading Matches' loop.

    I can manually break out of that loop by selecting either the HVR1 or HVR1,HVR2 options on the drop-down menu on that screen, which both load correctly. If I go on to manually select the original HVR1, HVR2, Coding Region option, then it too loads correctly.


    A couple of other things:

    I'm not sure why the (recently introduced) Profile details, and the Order History, need to be on the myFTDNA Home Page, unless they're of use to FTDNA admin or, perhaps, to researchers administering a number of accounts who need to be reminded who they're looking at (even though the name and number is now included top right anyway.)

    Either way those two sections, Profile and Order History look a mess to me - or at least they do when I view them on a 15" laptop; they might look OK on a wider screen.


    Most of the sub-headings in the Profile section (Name, Email, Address, City/State/Zip, Phone No) seem superfluous to me, and could be easily dropped to make more space for the corresponding (Name, Email, Address etc) data, perhaps leaving a spacer line between them for ease of viewing.

    The only heading that might be less self-evident, and therefore best kept, is the 'Last login'.

    Order History

    This always looks badly laid-out to me with the way the longest item in the Product column (in my case mtFullSequence) runs right up to the dates in the Ordered column without a space in between. Obviously I don't know how this has been coded but I would've thought it could be fixed by either a) reducing the length of the longest item (eg reducing mtFullSequence to read mtFullSeq) or, if that still doesn't fix the problem (because the dates concertina back to the shortest item anyway) trying b) padding the length of each heading descriptor (eg Y-DNA111, Y-DNA67, mtFullSequence)with a space at the end of each, thus 'forcing' a space to appear before the Orders/Dates column.

    But, as I said, I'm not sure why half the information in that left-hand column (Your Account, Messages, Release Notes, News) needs to be there at all. It would simplify the home page if it wasn't.