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  • Family Finder Matches Disappeared

    I have gone back and forth with helpdesk on this so I'm going to post here and see if I can get an answer.

    I wrote helpdesk first because I found someone in the chromosome browser but could not find them in the match list. They wrote back and said

    "After going through your "Matrix" and "Matches" pages I was not able to find the person that you specified."

    I suggested they look at chromosome browser csv file and pointed out to them the person appeared on 15 lines and gave them those line numbers.

    I then discovered another previous match had vanished from my match list although she was still on the csv spreadsheet.

    He wrote back "After downloading your Matches CSV file, I was not able to find either participant that you mentioned among your matches list.'

    I've taken a screen shot of my csv spreadsheet with their names on it. I feel like I'm living in Gaslight

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    Hi Sharon,

    Can you send me a private message here on the forum with your kit number and the names of the matches who seem to be missing?



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      Hopefully this will help anyone else who happens to land in this crazy situation. This mystery has been solved. In both cases the people changed their name to totally different names. So the results didn't disappear just those names disappeared!