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New FAQs page really is a pain

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  • New FAQs page really is a pain

    I was trying to go through this page:

    Every time I scroll down, I have to let it load. Who's idea was it to do it this way? It's not efficient at all, unlike how most FAQs page are designed.

    The best part, when I found what I wanted

    What are the parts of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)? What are HVR1 and HVR2? What is the Coding Region?

    So I clicked on "Read More", and I got an error!

    uh oh...
    Houston, we have a problem!
    There was an error while attempting to load the page
    you requested.
    help us...

    Your error has been submitted.
    For a copy of this error message, please enter your email.

    URL /errorPage.aspx
    Error StartIndex cannot be less than zero.
    Parameter name: startIndex

    Meanwhile, I can't get the info. that I wanted. How many months have passed and these pages are still coming up with errors?