In the matches section, I find the 'New Since' menu option has a possible bug.

When pressed, a window pops up with a date. The date seems to be set in a [day/month/year] format. Yet when I change the date to an earlier selection in time, the format changes to a [month/day/year] format.

So for example, when I initially call up the menu, it says something like; 28/05/2014. So I assume it will keep the same format. However, when I enter my own choice; 01/05/2014, the output gives me search data from January 5th, 2014, as opposed to May 1st 2014 - which is what I asked for.

So currently I have to know this glitch will occur ahead of time and enter 05/01/2014 if I want search data for May 1st, 2014.

It's a small glitch, but very annoying. Thanks for looking into this.