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Big Y test order "completed" with no results

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  • Big Y test order "completed" with no results

    Kit 118982 in my project ordered a Big Y test on 12/1/2013. On 4/28/2014, his test was marked as "Completed", but with no results and with no tests pending. The custodian of his account had no knowledge of this (so he clearly did not cancel the order or receive a refund). I have asked FTDNA for an explanation.

    Besides the disturbance to individual customers, such inexplicable "clerical errors" are a major burden to administrators like me, who then have to look for similar errors across the project. In this case, I had to laboriously check all Big Y orders in my project to see if any others were in this "forgotten" state. Luckily, no others were. (One was indeed canceled due to death.)

    We have 13 Big Y introductory-price orders still outstanding, but that's another topic.
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