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Marker panel silently "lost"

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  • Marker panel silently "lost"

    A project member (kit 2331) has tested 25 markers. They can be seen correctly on our project web page.

    His account, however, shows only 12 markers. Perhaps more shockingly, his account shows no record of ever ordering, or paying for, the 13-to-25 upgrade. The upgrade may have been ordered a long time ago, and called CohanimMatch.

    I have, of course, reported this error, just as I have reported the disappearance of SNP results (discussed in another thread).

    FTDNA's continuing "loss" of test results for which customers have paid good money is extremely disconcerting.

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    Another project member (kit B1512) transferred 43-marker results from another testing company. Our project web site correctly shows his 43 markers; but his own account shows no markers at all. Again, I have reported this to FTDNA.


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      Increasingly, I get the impression that their results database is in a mess. I picture backup sets being accessed on an hourly basis as they are told about missing data.