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Odd haplogroup changes

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  • Odd haplogroup changes

    When the haplotree changes occurred, one of the members of the Shannon Project, B3433, had some strange changes. First he automatically updated to CTS4528 and then he changed automatically to L513. He and I had been both P310 before these changes. Since L513 is not downstream of CTS4528, and since I have now tested for CTS4528 and was positive, it throws our group into chaos. Can you please explain these odd changes, and would it be possible for you to double check his results to determine if they are correct as currently listed? Thank you.

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    I see some more SNPs have been added in the R tree. The placement of CTS7080 shows it as a brother clade to Z1 but it should be below Z343. Also, I tested negative for this in my Geno 2.0 results but it is not showing in my SNP results.


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      They made many errors in their new tree which they are in the process of correcting.