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Credit Card entry error on ordering not obvious

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  • Credit Card entry error on ordering not obvious

    I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a distant cousin who is diving into the DNA testing fray by ordering 3 kits. She tried ordering earlier in the day, and never got the orders in.

    By talking her through it again, and after much tooth gnashing, I finally figured out the credit card number was the problem. She doesn't order much on the Internet and was putting spaces in. When she clicked "Accept Terms...," she said the screen was refreshing, but nothing was happening. As it turns out, she didn't notice that the credit card box was coming back in red instead of black which was the only indication of what the problem was. There was no verbal message as you see with some of the other fields. She insisted that she had her glasses on and was entering the number correctly, but then said she was putting spaces in just like the number was printed on the card. That was the problem.


    1) Put formatting help for the number e.g. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    2) Add a more noticeable red verbal message indicating the card number is the problem
    3) Have the software strip out spaces