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    Went to forums to find things in Spanish(idon't speak it but can guess some things) ie panel de control, calendario, iniciar discusi. How do i change it back to English? I did nothing to switch it to Spanish.

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    I can give you instructions in English but you will find them difficult to follow on the Spanish language version of the forum that you are seeing.

    In the menu bar across near the top click Left hand item: User CP in English. Then selct from the otions on left the 8th one down - EDIT OPTIONS in English.

    Then scroll to the bottom of the long page where you will find the language setting: change from Spanish to English

    I found this the hardway not being able to read much Spanish!
    But I have just spotted an even easier switch - just scroll to the very bottom of the page and there is a drop down box on the left with -- espa in it. Just change that to English!
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      Thank you.