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  • 3D FF Matrix Tool?

    I have been working on a hunch that my matches can be sorted into a list where I can at a glance see each match and who they are related to in my list.

    What I am going to try to do is create an X & Y axis diagram from my list of matches, showing how each match is related to each other match in 2 dimensional space on paper.

    Then the thought occured to me, why couldn't FTDNA create a simple 3D program which could bring all of a persons matches into a 3D environment, not unlike the way astronomy software brings stars, etc, into a 3D environment so one can view the universe and celestial objects in it. Only with DNA matches the 'genealogical space' can be viewed abstractly in all 3 axis' - to see how each match connects (by lines, colour, clusters, groups, etc) geometrically. I hope you can follow what I am trying to describe here because I am not a software programmer.

    I imagine in 3 dimensions - not in one dimensional lists. So I just find it easier to visualize the possible relations/connections between each match to each other match by simply imagining multiple trees or branches and how they connect to one another in my minds eye. There could also be parameters like degree of cousinship and/or cM shared and longest cM segment, which would make the "closer cousins/relations" stand out so you could adjust your 3D viewer to see where potential connections might be based on those parameters.

    Just an idea. But a cool one. No other genetic genealogical company has anything like it. It could give you an additional edge. And I can't see it being too difficult to create with what you already have in your collection of tools on your website.

    Just a thought.

    If you need clarification feel free to ask and I'll try to reword.
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    Originally posted by SMD View Post
    ...No other genetic genealogical company has anything like it.
    GEDmatch has had a 3D Chromosome browser for over a year. It displays relationships between matching segments for up to 10 kits on all 23 chromosomes. The 3D view can be rotated for closer examination. The accompanying matrices give additional details about the segment matches.
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      I've never used it. Will check it out. Thanks.