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    Totally agree with thread starter.

    Another filter: Find people with ancestors in their GEDCOM who match ancestors (or are close matches) in my GEDCOM. This would be very useful.

    One more: Find people with ancestors in their GEDCOM bound to a specific geographic location.

    It would also be interesting to be able to only show my GEDCOM to people who request it. I don't like the thought of people finding common ancestors in my GEDCOM without telling me.. after all, I've spent a loooooot of time building the tree. And so have some of my sources.


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      Filter or not....

      Gedcoms are what we have to work with.
      Those who share gedcoms at FTDNA do only share with matches so it isn´t exactly made public.

      I Contact people by e-mail regardless if they have a gedcom or not if they seem to be an interesting match, but to go further we usually have to share gedcoms anyway. Sometimes this personal Contact is very worthwhile regardless of outcome and sometimes not...that is just how it is.

      In my ancestry programme if my match send me their gedcom file I can load it side by side with my own data and look at the list of names, birth data and Place and relatively quickly sort and sift out who might be a common ancestor Point. Very often the Connection must be figured out through trying different spellings, figuring out unknown sibling relations etc.

      This is a time consuming process and I Think it is best if it can be done both ways, so my match and I can compare results and talk about it in e-mails and know that we are looking at the same material.

      I don´t see why FTDNA shouldn´t facilitate this, it would only make FTDNA more attractive for paper genealogists, and make it more valuable. They already have our gedcoms to create the matches trees.

      If nothing else, it would be an improvement if the automatic lay out of those trees showed date and place of birth or some location data straight off. As it is you need to hover over the names one by one...puts me off the whole thing completely!