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  • boi568
    Augmenting full FF browser download

    I applaud FTDNA allowing a complete download of the chromosome browser (long overdue), but I think it would work even better in providing genealogical leads if the data field for ancestral names, now associated with the match list only, were added to the CB spreadsheet.

    You could then sort the download by chromosome and starting point, and see if there are common ancestral names among overlapping or matching segments. I currently do this by hand and it is as tedious as it can be, given that I am Ashkenazi and am overwhelmed with matches.

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  • ech124
    started a topic Familyfinder Chromosome Browser

    Familyfinder Chromosome Browser

    It is great that you have the new prompt in the browser screen "Download all matches".

    Would it be possible to have one additional prompt when choosing this, which would be a cutoff cM number. This way, we can just determine the level of detail we want and avoid the small segments that are mostly noise. As it stands, I have to load the data into a spreadsheet, sort by descending cM and highlight and delete hundreds of rows of data.