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Typo on "Understanding your H Subclade"

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  • Typo on "Understanding your H Subclade"

    I tested my FGS and with all the other papers I received in the mail I got a paper titled "Understanding your H Subclade." While it doesn't tell me didily about my own subclade, it does tell me about the most popular ones.

    H3 has a typographical error and I must say it doesn't reflect well on the company. I'm not going to say what it is exactly, it should be very obvious.
    Here is the quote with the error:

    "When age estimates are made for these 2 groups it seems that H3 is younger then H1."

    Also, this is an essay, numbers should be written out. One, two, three, not 1,2,3.

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    H3 likely is younger than H1.

    See's tree:

    Not sure what your going on about 1,2,3; If you mean H one or H three, nobody would know what you were talking about when the accepted standard is H1 or H3 etc.

    If you are talking about "then", that is one of the most common mistakes in the language. More people mistakenly use then when they mean than.

    You'd do them a favor if you pointed it out directly to them via an e-mail to the help desk.
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