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    Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
    Elise, It is worse than that. FTDNA started the project and neither the admin nor the co-admin has touched it since then. I called FTDNA yesterday and talked to them. Thanks.
    That unfortunately happens sometimes. FTDNA doesn't police every project to make sure it's being managed. Best thing to do in this case is contact FTDNA, as you did... they'll usually try to contact the admin and see what can be worked out.



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      Originally posted by rainbow View Post
      Has your wife had an admixture test? Did she get Native American? I took the AncestryByDna test in 2006 to see if I had a small amount of East Asian, because my mom always said she thought I had some Mongolian/Hun ancestry from my Slavic paternal grandfather. She would say I have to be part Mongolian. My result was 83% European and 17% Native American. My paternal grandmother is from Flemington. Her family tree is 100% colonial. That side first lived in New Amsterdam in the 1600s (present day New York) and moved to the Province of New Jersey in the early 1700s. The family tree is mainly Dutch, and the rest is English, Scottish, French (with Belgian), and German.
      Hi Elizabeth,

      To answer your first question, no, my wife has not yet had any genetic testing done. I am trying to convince her to have some work done. I'm personally unsure how I feel about autosomal tests. I understand that the margin of error can be as high as 15% in some cases and therefore haven't decided if they are worth the investment. I am open to convincing, however.

      As for your Native American admixture, I find that rather interesting. I don't find the probability to be unlikely in the slightest. I can't imagine my wife possessing any Amerindian admixture... at least not any admixture that would be recent to be visible. Her background is Portuguese/Irish on her paternal side and English on her mother's side. I don't have much personal experience with her biological relatives, however, as she was adopted by another family from Flemington (descendants of Polish/Slovakian immigrants).

      Now I have met her (biological) mother once and do recall her mentioning Amerindian ancestry, but never paid it much attention; as she looks typically Europid and the claim tends to be a common/trendy one for many to make in contemporary times. In light of what you have learned about your ancestry, though, perhaps it might be worthwhile to explore that possibility.