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    Not sure about new matches in August. On July 1, I had 646 matches. As of now, I have 657, but it's been stuck at 657 for a while. Probably since before Aug 1. So, I have gotten 11 matches in 7 weeks. That seems slow.

    I had 562 matches on Jan 1. I got 84 matches in the first six months (562 to 646), which is 15% for half a year. The recent slowdown seems strange. Hopefully there will be a major release of new matches.


    I received a prompt response form LDNA support regarding my broken Newest Filter. They acknowledged that there is an issue but gave no timeline for fixing.


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      Received email this morning - Matches are in!


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        Email today - new matches.

        for anyone wondering"
        They give a list, with name, relationship range, active - inactive range, is the contact the DNA Owner or Manager, and a flag for their country
        Click on entry on lisg to get details - which takes a bit of time to display - to see % shared and cM shared, be able to send messags
        Then when you click to go back to the list, you always go back to page one of the list.