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  • Updated results (not sure where to post this)

    Perhaps a silly question but each time our results get updated, should we erase and upload our new results to other websites such as myheritage, gedmatch, et al? I'm going to assume they don"t magically get updated as well. Sorry for the question and thank you for all answers

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    I think you are talking about the myOrigins results. If so, there is no need to do anything at FTDNA or any other site to which you've already uploaded your raw data file.

    Each time any of these sites updates their admixture estimates, the only things that change are on their end: the reference populations and the algorithms that they use in order to produce the new estimate. They then apply their changed algorithms to your (same) data, which yields the new estimate.


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      What you uploaded to GEDmatch or various other sites that accept autosomal DNA test results is your RAW DNA DATA only: It is just a very long list of SNP scores. It does not contain information such as conclusions about your ethnicity, your personal genealogy, your matches, etc.