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  • Controlling stake in Ancestry

    Not directly related to ftdna, but I wonder how if at all this will affect online genealogy.

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    So one equity fund is buying Ancestry from a different equity fund.

    Typical game plan for an equity fund takeover would be a round of brutal 'rationalizations'--reducing the level of service offered customers and implementing shameless monetization schemes. The long term plan isn't to hold for income, but to flip for profit.

    I haven't followed closely, but I believe Ancestry already has some monetized data sharing arrangements with other companies vis-a-vis their customers' DNA, but maybe they'll become even more aggressive about it. That's one obvious option.

    Here's one possibility: Some American companies are already working with the Chinese government to establish a library of genetic reference data for use in tracking/controlling ethnic minorities and political dissidents. Maybe new management will consider extending their portfolio in this direction as well. Companies aren't always diligent about informing customers about this sort of thing in a timely manner, so it may be quite a while if ever we find out about such an arrangement.

    Speculation, but in the absence of some specific affirmative statement from management, this is inevitable. Not that you can take what a company says at face value, anyhow.