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  • 2019 Holiday Sale

    I want to upgrade my cousin's Y-DNA from 37 to 67 to take advantage of the current sale. When I go to any of the sales pages, there is no 37 to 67 mentioned, even though it is listed in the summary heading. Where may I find the 37 to 67 sale? Thanks.

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    Do you manage his Kit? If so, log in to his Kit, and click on "Add Ons & Upgrades" - you should find it there. [I think Y37 to Y67 is $69 now, but do check and see]


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      Loobster - yes I manage his kit and have decided to go with the Y-111. When I select the "Add Ons & Upgrades," it shows the Y-111 as $119, but when I try to purchase, it wants to charge me $359. Found another page where all sales are listed but no way to order. Guess I will call them. Thanks!


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        Definitely you want to order it as an upgrade to his Kit - so if that is not working, it is a bug, and think your decision to call is a good one!