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Sephardic Anusim Jewish Heritage

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  • Sephardic Anusim Jewish Heritage

    My wife if from northeast Mexico, an area that was heavily populated by people with Anusim heritage. We recently arranged for her brother to take the Family Finder DNA. We had expected to find some Sephardic Jewish connection. The results were as follows:

    New World--58%
    European: Iberia--32%
    Middle Eastern: North Africa--4%
    Central/South Asian--4%

    How accurate do you think DNA is in pinpointed Sephardic heritage that was assimilated through several generations?
    Will everyone be able to determine Sephardic heritage through DNA?
    Could the Sephardic heritage be contained within the Iberian and North African DNA?

    Any input will be appreciated.

    Michael H.

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    Michael you posted this in the wrong section but yes, some North African and Spanish elements exist in Sephardim but in general it is better (but not an absolute requirement) to see the Sephardic Jewish and Ashkenazi Jewish trace elements show up as they do so often in NE Mexico. Your focus should be on her cousin matches in Family Finder, not on the MyOrigins screen. Occasionally MyOrigins doesn’t identify Jewish traces under 1%.