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    Have a Family Finder Project, and noticed the following in Release Notes, dated May 21, 2019:

    Autosomal Transfers – MyHeritage Six Month Transfer Limit

    MyHeritage customers can now only transfer their autosomal DNA data within six months of their DNA data being created.

    When a MyHeritage customer attempts to transfer an autosomal DNA file that was created more than six months from the attempted transfer date:

    • The customer will receive the following message:
    FamilyTreeDNA is only able to accept MyHeritage account transfers that contain DNA data created within the 6 months prior to the time of the transfer. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    • The customer will still have the FTDNA account that is created while completing the initial steps of the transfer process.

    o The account will have no products associated with it.

    o The customer will have the ability to attempt another autosomal transfer with either the same transfer type or a new one.

    A relative of second cousins of mine (who have tested at FTDNA) tried to upload her MyHeritage results to FTDNA, and after no results posting for a bit, called them and reported in e-mail to me on Apr 29, 2019:
    "Just spoke with someone form Family Tree DNA. She told me there was a glitch in the transfer. That My Heritage has changed their chip they use and it was not compatible to the Family Tree DNA chip so they also changed theirs. They are now waiting for these bugs to be worked out and have put my email on a list to be notified when the problems have been resolved and then I can try again to transfer,, They are thinking about 1 months time."

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    So here is the latest - a response from FTDNA sent today (July 17, 2019) which the recipient forwarded to me

    "Thank you for contacting FTDNA! We had removed the broken MyHeritage transfer results from FTDNA. Unfortunately, the MyHeritage transfers have not been updated yet but when you are able to do a free autosomal transfer it will create a new kit number for you, as you will not be able to sign in to your previous kit number. My apologies, I did not realize that removing the broken MyHeritage transfer would result in removing your current kit from the system. "

    Anyone else having similar difficulties? Has anyone succeeded in transferring from MyHeritage recently - and if so, when was the transfer, when was the test completed at MyHeritage? Any suggestions on what she should do?


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      I'm still getting the 6 month message


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        as is still the case today Sep, 29, 2020 ...
        Frustrating. I had the raw data downloaded from MyHeritage. Could easily upload to GedMatch.
        but no luck with FTDNA.
        would be handy to have autosomal DNA and Y-DNA results in one place