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  • Confirmation Requested - ?

    I have once again ordered tests for someone else. The last time I did that, when I went to Log In, there was a screen asking for Confirmation. Think they were asking for Confirmation of Name Shown and of e-mail shown, but am not sure. That time, I backed out and had the other person log in and choose, since when I ordered, they really weren't sure how they wanted their name shown to matches and which e-mail they wanted shown, and they were interested in the results.
    But before logging in to this new kit -- want to know --
    Is that confirmation requested the first time someone logs in to the Kit, or the first time after the Kit is received, or ??
    What is actually requested to be confirmed / decided?

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    Are you referring to the following pop up when logging in (attachment), if so you can just click on the close (x in upper right) to ignore.
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      I never saw that screen. What would result in that? (I am getting the e-mail notifications, currently - got for Kit sent with tracking number, got for Kit received).
      Is that the ONLY item one is currently asked to confirm?

      Also -- how would one use that - or what does one use -- to get TWO e-mails showing to one's matches? (that is what is now showing for the Kit I mentioned above, where I had the tester log in and do the confirmation herself - and she does not remember what she chose)