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T'giving Sale at FTDNA - FF $49

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  • T'giving Sale at FTDNA - FF $49

    When I started testing 8 years ago, wish I could have taken advantage of the prices now being offered.

    mtDna - $139. Big savings on categories of the Y; and bundles of tests for additional savings.

    Sale ends November 22.
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    Thanks for posting this. I just now saw two emails from FTDNA regarding the Thanksgiving sale starting, but neither had any details.


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      This blogger, Ms. Larkin, has done a perfect presentation outlining and explaining the different tests offered by FTDNA and their Thanksgiving price points.

      And, yes, I agree mtDna has its limited use, but it was beneficial to me because it disproved a family myth that my gg grandmother was NA.
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        I got spoiled. The test always used to start in November and end the end of the Year. Now we have one ending Nov. 22 - so anybody have a guess what to expect for the rest of what, in the past, would still have been the Holiday Sale time?


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          Actually, didn't the FTDNA Annual International Conference on Genetic Genealogy (for project managers) usually occur in mid-November, with the Holiday sale starting at the end of that weekend? Isn't this timing about the same, but with an ending date of Nov. 22? I suppose they could simply start it up again the weekend or week right after Thanksgiving, and go as usual up through the end of the year. I know the Conference was postponed until next March or thereabouts.


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            Looks like the Holiday sale is continuing - same pricing as announced on Nov. 13th, except I don't see Y-DNA upgrades, so can't compare to the previous sale, which supposedly ended on Nov. 22. Prices are good through Dec. 31st. Family Finder is back to the previous sale price of $49 + shipping.