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    There doesn't seem to be directions to download a complete list of all matches shown in the Learning Center page for the updated Chromosome Browser (or maybe I just missed it).

    But, from what I've found:
    1. if you access the Chromosome Browser from your home page when you log in (button for Chromosome Browser under the Family Finder section there),
    2. and before adding any of your matches,
    3. then you will see a link at the upper right of the DNA Matches section to "Download All Segments."
    The result seems to be a .cvs file showing all segments for all of your matches.


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      Thanks! I had always gone to the Chromosome Browser by selecting five people, not directly there. I guess it's time to change my procedure.


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        And the link to download segments of all matches should have been something that FTDNA retained in the new version of the Chromosome Browser, as they had it in the last version (whether or not you were comparing matches). Why do these things get overlooked? Such features should be retained; the website designers should take care to retain each existing function with updates.

        The full list of our matches with matching segments is an important feature for those who want it. It provides completely different information than the "Download Matches" on the "Family Finder - Matches" page, which essentially gives you a list of your matches with much of the information you see on your matches page. I hadn't downloaded my matches' segment list since October, but I do try to download it and the complete Matches List once a quarter, for each kit that I manage.


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          Exactly. I use GenomeMate to track matches, so I'm downloading both csv files somewhat regularly for my kits. I know a lot of people use DNAGedcom for this, but I started out downloading direct from FTDNA, and DNAGedcom creates duplicates, which I don't have time to merge for the number of kits I deal with.