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MyHeritage Data Breach

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  • MyHeritage Data Breach

    For anyone with a MyHeritage account: Covered this afternoon in Roberta Estes' blog: "MyHeritage Data Breach," it seems to have been announced in the MyHeritage blog yesterday. They became aware of the breach yesterday, but it happened Oct 26, 2017. There is a link to how to change your password, and another link to the MyHeritage blog post in Roberta's post above.

    MyHeritage recommends that users change their passwords. They believe that the breach only exposed users' email addresses (but not the associated passwords), and also did not compromise users' credit card information, family trees, or DNA information, which are all stored on different servers.

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    I wonder why every time we hear about data breaches on the news, the actual breach happened long before it was reported...this breach with MyHeritage was ALMOST 9 months ago!


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      It was announced over a month ago:

      The data breached only consisted of email addresses and hashed passwords. They still recommended changing your password, but it's highly unlikely someone could decrypt the hashed passwords, and no credit card details or anything else were included.