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  • Error loading matches

    Group administrator for three projects. I log in as administrator and get an error message saying cannot load resulting matches.. if it continues .. contact customer support.

    I try from my own personal webpage and the same thing.

    Anyone else having this issue? Thanks KAM

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    I have just tried and I do not see any problem with either Y DNA, mtDNA, Family Finder or Big Y matches, while being logged in as a project administrator and accessing multiple accounts to which I have full access authorization.

    My project (converted to myGroups) DNA results also display properly.


    Fairly technical technobable follows, but may be someone manages to digest it and confirms my suspicions.

    I have noticed this a week ago, but I was waiting for someone to report some issue.

    FDNA (like many other companies!) is serving its web pages with contents coming from many different servers. Some of those servers are commonly used on Internet. And I think from time to time one of those servers gets automatically blacklisted because it happened to also be used by some evil website.

    In my case, when things were not working with FTDNA web pages like they should, I have enumerated all the servers my browser was trying to reach and verified their availability one by one. That is how I noticed that was blacklisted on my computer (I am using one of blacklists available on Internet).

    It turned out that while on a single web page at FTDNA, a browser might need to talk to a dozen of web servers, before being able to display a complete page. So it takes some time to complete testing ;-(

    Such blacklists can be incorporated into a browser itself, be a part of some ad-blocking program in the browser, be a part of an antivirus (Internet protection) program, be implemented on the level of the operating system, in the home router or by the ISP. I was lucky that it was something with my operating system, so I was able to remove that entry.

    So what one should do? I can see only two meaningful actions:
    • temporarily disabling an ad-blocking program in the browser or the antivirus (Internet protection) program;
    • asking someone at a different location, with a very different computer setup for a confirmation whther they are also experiencing the problem.
    But in most case we would not know which site to whitelist. OK, the one I had provided ( ) can be whitelisted, but FTDNA can switch to some other site or the problem could be with another sites they are using.

    So what one should do? Yes, trying the above and subsequently learning that FTDNA website is operational, and that the problem is elsewhere is meaningful, but afterwards we can only wait until the blacklisting is reversed...

    Mr. W.

    In this context CDN is not related to Canada. It means Content Delivery Network. is serving jquery, a software package used by very many websites. FTDNA is not their only user (customer), is also being used by for example The New York Times, NBC and Encyclopedia Britannica. And yes, it would be very difficult if not impossible for them to control who is using files from their website.


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      I have gotten that error a lot recently. \
      Usually, when try again, it goes thru.
      Very annoying!!