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Big-Y Offer has Y-67, Y-111 results included ? (I already have a Y-DNA 37 Marker kit)

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  • Big-Y Offer has Y-67, Y-111 results included ? (I already have a Y-DNA 37 Marker kit)

    I have a FTDNA Kit (Y-DNA-37 + Full mtDNA + FFinder)
    I did buy the test Y-DNA-37 markers. In my update button. I see that I could update my Kit to a BigY for 475USD.
    Before buying it, I have 4 questions :
    1)If I buy Big Y update offer, will it also give me an update for Y-67 and Y-111 (I mean : will I get results for Y-67 and Y-111 markers ?) as well
    Please confirm
    2)When this offer ends ? Friday DEc 15th at 11:59 PM ?
    3)Will you send me another swab kit or will you use my previous kit and make more analysis (Y-67, Y-111, Big Y) in the lab ?
    4)Confirm that final price for my update (BiG-Y including Y-67, Y-111) is 475 USD$
    Please let me know

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    If you order a Big Y for $475, you will get a FREE upgrade to 111. Thats a great deal.

    I am not sure about the date. I thought it was Dec 31st but you should check on that.

    They will use your existing kit. So no shipping or handling charges or hassles plus a good time saver.

    This is a user forum. FTDNA Staff do not monitor on a consistent basis.

    You should be sure you want the Big Y. Its a bit advanced and not for everybody. It will enhance your 111 quite a bit.

    You can google FTDNA coupons. There are Big Y coupons out there for $50 off of the $475. So $425. is one source
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      The Holiday Sale ends 12/31/2017. The reduced shipping end 12/15/2017.

      When you first select what you want to order you'll be able to verify the price. If it isn't what you expect you can cancel the order by removing every thing from the shopping cart.

      The Y-DNA111 upgrade will not show in the shopping cart. It will not show in your kit's order history for a few days, as it is added manually.


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        Hi to you both
        Thanks for your answers!
        Great! I just updated my kit for the Big-Y (which will have the Y-111 included)