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  • Blank Kit?

    Is it possible to order a blank kit? I want to order a kit for my aunt but I'm waiting to hear back whether she is willing to be tested. If she decides not to test then I'd like to use the kit for my uncle. I want to order the kit now while the BFCM sale is on but the order asks for sex and name details.

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    Assuming you want to order Family Finder, just choose one sex or the other, and if the opposite tests, just give the office a call and let them know. For the price, you might want to consider testing both of them anyway.


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      When in doubt, just order the kit for a male. This way you have the option to order a Y-DNA test if it turns out you test a male relative. As mention, to change the gender of the kit, just contact FTDNA. You can call them or you can fill out their contact form to get an email from them.

      Just click on "Customer Support" found at the top of this page. In the Support heading, you can click on "Open a request" to fill out a form to contact them. Make sure to check the "I'm not a robot" anti-spam box found next to the Submit button. If that button does not appear, reload the page for it to appear and then fill out the form.

      Or you can call them with the number shown when you move the mouse over "Contact Us".

      If by "blank kit" you instead meant a kit with no test tied to it, you would need to contact FTDNA for that. They don't work on weekends so you would have to wait until a weekday and hope they reply back in time, which they might not.


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        Thanks for the replies, It is a family finder test and I think I'll follow the suggestion to order one for a male.