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Trying to order Y-67 test

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  • Trying to order Y-67 test

    I'm trying to order a Y-67 test for my brother but as I've logged in having done done a MtDna test, it refuses to take the order. There must be a way around this but haven't found it!

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    New profile

    Your profile is only for you and your results. Your kit is registered as female, so you don't have a Y-chromosome and FTDNA won't let you add Y67.

    You need to log out, then start again as a new user. Then you can order in your brother's name and mark the kit as being for a male (you can use your own address etc. if you want the kit to be sent to you). FTDNA will then take the order, and email you a new kit number and password for his profile and will send a new sample kit to whichever address you supplied.


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      Y-67 test

      Thanks Dave. I had already tried that a few times, but even though logged out it seemed to know I was female on my PC!
      I finally did it on my iPad - not my choice for this type of order. Was disappointed that I couldn't send kit to my brother though, so another cost for me to post on!
      Thanks for your time.


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        If you had selected a different billing address to delivery address then you could have very easily sent the kit directly to your brother and paid for it yourself. I have done it a number of times.


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          I did this by logging in, going to my cart, and selecting the option to "Add or Gift another kit."
          You pick their gender, and then choose from the options on the left.

          I can upgrade someone's kit (if I have their kit number and password) or send a kit to someone else. Easy peasy, once you figure out where to start.

          Good luck!


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            ordering a Y kit for a male

            Same issue. Though logged in to my son's account, I could not order a Y test for him. Cleaned history, closed and reopened browser, no good. Switched to a public access computer, no problem. (Though by then I had plenty of time to reconsider how much I was willing to spend, so dropped back from a 67 to a 37.)


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              Me too...

              I had the same problem and it nearly drove me nuts. In the end I used a different email address and registered in my cousin's name; it is his account. That way any email for that test goes to that email address. Good luck in your mission...