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  • In Common With Filter Download

    Hello all,

    Got some good news. When you filter in common with matches you will now have the option to download the filtered results. This option will be in the lower left hand corner of the result list.

    Family Tree DNA

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    thanks. I was very glad to see this restored.

    I am surprised there is no reaction. I remember a lot of unhappiness when that capability was lost.


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      I think it's great! But I think it would be even better if the resulting spreadsheet provided the start and end points of the shared segments so that we could immediately tell which shared matches shared a matching segment, without having to consult the chromosome browser or our master spreadsheet or whatever program we use to track segments.


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        Speaking of this feature. There's a person that I wanted to see who we have in common. He's a 5th-remote cousin. It shows no matches when I use this feature. But a close cousin is showing him as a match when I choose her and use this feature. When I'm in hers and my shared matches, I then click on him, use this feature, and then shared matches are shown. Are these matches between him and I and valid? I also then click on another person while in this mode and find another shared match to another surname that I think he's connected to.

        I hope I'm making sense