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  • DNA Day Sales

    Just went to google DNA Day, to refresh my memory as to when exactly it is. Got suggestion of dna day sale, so chose that -- and got reference to a

    Family Finder Sale thru Groupon -- $59 -- or $56 thru the end of today, April 18th (that extra $3 off ending in about 3 1/2 hours from posting of this)

    Sure hope this helps someone.

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    I see on FTDNA's Home Page that their DNA DAY SALE is ON.

    FamilyFinder is $59.
    YDNA and MtDNA on sale - Have not seen Details yet.
    Have not seen when it ends.


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      Looks like the sale will last for a week. See Roberta Estes' post from today for dates & pricing.


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        Considering that the Big Y has been dropped to $425 during this sale (as low as the lowest price with a coupon in the Holiday sale), I think it would be wise for Big Y participants to contact their y-67 & y-37 matches & make sure that they are aware of this.

        We should try to ascertain a terminal SNP for each 17th or 18th century immigrant to America with living patrilineal descendants. Two such descendants, ideally with the immigrant as the MRCA, need to take the Big Y.

        Timothy Peterman