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Scandinavian to British Isles or west/central Europe - New Algorithm

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  • dcx4610
    I went from 35% Scandinavian to 0% on FTDNA. shows me at 15%.

    All of the other calculators I've ran on show a bit of Swedish DNA so I'd say it's probably closer to 15% than 35% but definitely not 0%.

    I don't really understand the new calculator because I know others that are still showing Scandinavian DNA on 2.0 and it increased for some as well.

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  • hollifer
    What is the best GEDmatch calculator to use to determine Scandinavian ancestry?

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  • DaveInGreece
    There seems to be a major problem with the "Scandinavian" designation in the new version. Lots of people like you, with recent Scandinavian ancestry and a high Scandinavian percentage on the previous version (and or the calculators at Gedmatch etc.) now have little or no Scandinavian.

    Conversely, people like me (purely British and Irish ancestry) are now showing high levels of Scandinavian - 22% for me! - which doesn't fit at all with known ancestry, the last version of My Origins, or any other ancestry estimator.

    I've also suddenly jumped to having 29% "Iberian", whereas I had nothing vaguely southern European before.

    It's normal for people with British ancestry to have a few per cent of Scandinavian (from Viking connections) and a lot of West/Central European (Anglo-Saxon and Norman), just as my sister does. But even a small amount of Iberian is rare and almost 30% is unheard of. The lack of anything S European showing for my full siblings (which they undoubtedly are) or for me on any test except this one makes this new My Origins seem totally unreliable.

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  • Scandinavian to British Isles or west/central Europe - New Algorithm

    There is a lengthy thread already about the change of origins with the new algorithm.

    There appears to be a prevalent amount of people where the old algorithm showed a Scandinavia percentage, and the new one shows none or change to west/central Europe or increase in British Isles. I'm one of those people.

    Before, I was close to 20% Scandinavian, 70+% eastern Europe (Polish), <10% BI, and 3% MidEast. Now, there's no Scandinavian at all, 73% eastern Europe, 10% BI, and 15% west/central Europe, with traces of Asia Minor and Iberia.

    Close to half of my matches are Swedish. My paternal Grandma was Swedish descent from both her parents. My other 3 grandparents were Polish. So, my old results made more sense.

    My main question is what is the historical explanation? I know that Vikings invaded much of Europe and mostly the BI. But, my recent ancestors going back at least to 3X great grandparents I know are Swedish. If there is any BI or west/central Europe ancestry, it goes further back and I have absolutely no idea, as I have no known recent ancestry from these areas.