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  • New My Origins

    I can't remember what my old My Origins British Isles % was, somewhere in the 20 percentile. Now it's zero. The old My Origins Scandinavian was 17%, now it's 36%. That new number, in conjunction with the number of Scandinavian Big Y matches, makes me suspect that the old British Isles percentages got wrapped into the new Scandinavian percentages somehow. Same with my old My Origins Finnish 4%, now at zero...Possibly wrapped into the new Scandinavian. Just a theory.


    • Here's how my new results compare along with some commentary.

      GEDMatch / Dodecad V3

      West Euro - 51%
      Mediterranean - 25%
      West Asian - 11%
      East Euro - 9%
      Northeast Asian - 1%

      The best I can tell with my ancestry research, my paternal line came from Caucus in ancient times, ended up on Rome and spread to Scotland where they settled for at least 1000 years until modern times.

      The Dodecad results pretty much match up perfectly with that research.

      My Origins 2.0

      West and Central Europe - 49%
      British Isles - 43%
      Asia Minor - 7%
      Oceania - 2%

      It seems like what FTDNA is doing is much like, they are grouping a ton of regions together. They even mention that "what weight you give to each area is up to you". So basically they are giving you a general range and then you have to research yourself.

      Unfortunately, something like "West and Central Europe" is extremely vague and could mean anywhere from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, etc. so you could see how this isn't very helpful.

      One thing that really has me confused is the old Origins had me at 35% Scandinavian and Ancestry has it at 15%. This new one has 0%.

      It seems like your best bet is to run your DNA through many different calculators and compare. If you compare enough, you should hopefully get a decent picture.


      • New MyOrigins seems sketchy

        It's as though I've been given another person's results. Here are my before and after:

        European 100%
        British Isles 43% +
        Scandinavia 31% +
        Southern Europe 26%

        European 99%
        British Isles 81%
        SouthEast Europe 18%
        West Africa <2%

        How could an entire 31% have been wiped out? This seems more generic. While I realize these are "estimates," I'm questioning the reliability. What in the world? (pun intended)


        • Definitely Inferior to any other company

          Who ever came up with this crap needs to be gone!

          I had 69% British isles
          about 21 % Western and Northern Europe
          and the rest about 5% Southern Europe and %5 Eastern Europe.

          Now I have 85% British Isles and the rest split between Eastern and Southern Europe.

          Nowhere in my family tree are anyone from Eastern or Southern Europe.

          I guess I'll tell my German line that they were from the British Isles, not Germany.

          No more doing DNA testing at FTDNA!


          • Could someone explain me this please?

            Suddenly I lost 10% Scandinavia and it turned into 11% Jewish Sephardic.

            Eurogenes K13 is giving me the following

            # Population Percent
            1 Amerindian 39.69
            2 North_Atlantic 18.91
            3 West_Med 18.32
            4 East_Med 6.49
            5 Baltic 6.32
            6 West_Asian 3.40
            7 South_Asian 1.99
            8 Siberian 1.94
            9 Northeast_Africa1.60
            10 Sub-Saharan 1.34

            With the following approximations
            1 Danish + Mayan + Mayan + Sardinian @ 4.729182
            2 Mayan + Mayan + North_German + Sardinian @ 4.758638

            The new myorigins 2.0 results are so confusing.


            • if your hertige

              if your hertige is mexican or latin american
              the sefhardic is very logical
              it is not logical in cyprus crete and lebanese christian
              but to latin america there was migration of sefhardics
              some of the conquistadors themselfs have some
              i have matches with latin americans in gedmatch and ftdna my origins
              in lin ewith my sefhardic grandfather ........


              • Originally posted by kingjohn View Post
                if your hertige is mexican or latin american the sefhardic is very logical
                [...] to latin america there was migration of sefhardics
                Indeed. And it's parts of Vodoux's Southern European and North African scores that have been reinterpreted as Sephardic. Not her old Scandinavian score (that was presumably false anyway).

                But I have learned that not all Latin Americans with small amounts of genuine Sephardic ancestry score an amount of Sephardi in MyOrigins 2.0. Some do score 0% Sephardi even though they have up to 1% or 2% verified by me through segment analysis.
                Some of them score Ashkenazi instead, even though it is not Ashkenazi in its root.
                And some score neither Ashkenazi nor Sephardi, but do have something else logical like a North African score.
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                • mexico dna project


                  felix in the comments say it is 20%
                  of the mexicans score some sefhardic and high in nuevo leon
                  founders {surnames}

                  i truly believe some of the conquistadors had sefhardic dna to some extent .....


                  • a good example for the sefhardic dna

                    he was from family of conversos this conquistador

                    and this person
                    conquistadors of colombia his parents converted to catholic faith
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                    • Confused about changes

                      Hello, The new results for the origins is very confusing--I administer several people:

                      My results before and after were

                      97% European 100% European
                      76% British Isles 53% British Isles
                      12% Scandinavian 0% Scandinavian
                      8% Eastern Europe 0% Eastern Europe
                      1% Western Europe 47% Western and Central Europe
                      3% North Africa <2% North Africa

                      The older results made more sense to me because my GG Grandfather was from Gibraltar and his ancestors were from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

                      My Mothers results before and after are close:
                      100% European 100% European
                      67% West and Cental Europe 67% West and Central Europe
                      29% British Isles 32% British Isles
                      4% Finland/N Siberia 0% Finland/N Siberia
                      0% Eastern Europe <2% eastern Europe

                      My daughter results before and after are

                      95% European both before and after
                      45% British Isles 31% British Isles
                      42% West and Central Europe 64% West and CEntral Europe
                      8% Eastern Europe 0% Eastern Europe
                      2% Asia Minor 0% Asia Minor
                      2% North Africa <2% North Africa
                      0% Sephardic Jew 5% Sephardic Jew

                      There seems to be huge changes which I cannot explain. In my results, although I have a huge Spanish, Portuguese, Italian line--it has disappeared--but I know that it exists--so where is it. My daughter has Sephardic Jew, which would make sense since my roots on my fathers side are from Spain/Portugual--the area of the Sephardic jews. However, it does not show up in mine

                      So I am not sure what to put my faith in now, the results before, the results after-or that the results do mean anything--they are just a guess.


                      • send letter to ftdna

                        send letter to ftdna ask them
                        about this


                        • Originally posted by kingjohn View Post

                          felix in the comments say it is 20%
                          of the mexicans score some sefhardic and high in nuevo leon
                          founders {surnames}

                          i truly believe some of the conquistadors had sefhardic dna to some extent .....
                          I have converso matches from Nuevo Leon. An ancestor was a conquistador---Garza (de la Garza)
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                          • very cool

                            very cool
                            best regards


                            • Originally posted by kingjohn View Post
                              very cool
                              best regards

                              There are also modern day priests in Nuevo Leon who have Sephardic origins----from a dissertation about the region from Hebrew University


                              • Wrong!

                                Before I was 93 % Scandinavian and 3 % British... now I am 58 % Scandinavian and 38 % British. I can say this new logaritm is completely wrong! I'v done my family tree by church records and have 8 generations complete line back - all swedes, no British what so ever. So the thought that I should be 38 % British is just wrong! You had it right in the first place. This is not credible.