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    Links not working

    Has anyone received this? I click on the links and nothing happens.

    You just made the season even more special by sharing your Holiday Rewards!

    In the spirit of the holidays, we’re sending you an additional Holiday Reward to apply to the already reduced prices for a bonus discount! Plus, you’ll continue receiving bonus coupons every time you share or use a coupon, so ‘tis the season to share the joy and get rewards.

    With holiday savings this huge, your DNA has met its match. But hurry, this coupon is valid for 7 days only! 

    From our family to yours… Happy Holidays.


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      Just go to the dashboard of the person whose coupon you used (or the one you used it for), and the button for the bonus reward will show up there, next to the button for the holiday reward. That one works just fine (or at least the ones I got last week did).


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        If it were me, and I had even a small concern someone might back out on doing the test, I'd buy it now. What's $10 difference mean in the scheme of things compared to knowing you have it?

        Once the samples are on file with FtDNA, you can always run new tests at your leisure (I'm presuming you're managing the sample, and not her).

        Originally posted by MoberlyDrake View Post
        I should have waited to buy a Family Finder for my cousin, I suppose. I figured that, with the price so low, they wouldn't be offering us any more off of that test!

        I just hope she doesn't change her mind about doing it since she is one of only 2 or maybe 3 that I know of who are left of the 2nd great-grandchildren generation of my ancestors (not counting 2 people who have already tested).