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  • Holiday Sale and Coupons

    I received this email today;

    Dear Valued Customer,


    In the spirit of the holidays, Family Tree DNA has slashed prices on our most popular products. Plus, we’re sending you free Holiday Rewards every week of the sale so you can apply your Rewards to the already reduced prices for a bonus discount!
    Best of all, make the season even more special by sharing your Holiday Rewards with friends and family. You’ll receive bonus coupons every time you share, so ‘tis the season to share the joy and get rewards.
    With holiday savings this huge, your DNA has met its match. But hurry, this coupon is valid for 7 days only! 

    From our family to yours… Happy Holidays.
    The Family Tree DNA Team

    Unfortunately the link will not open, and when I log in to my account I cant see it.

    I also manage over a dozen kits and only appear to have one code for all of them..
    Maybe I'm missing something.

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    Maybe it isn't set to show up until Monday and the email is being sent ahead of time. I still haven't received the email.


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      It does have two large yellow buttons which say "Reveal Reward Now" which I take means click on the button and it will show you the reward. No mention of what until XXXX time or date.
      (The email came about 5 hours ago.)
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        When did you get the email?

        I just checked, and I've received no such email. :-(

        When did you get it? You'd think they would've sent it out to everyone who has purchased something in the last year at the very least.


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          I'm not in America, so cant give US times, but it was about 8 hours ago.
          I managed to view the reward, $10 of mtDNA, yDNA, FF etc.

          In previous years all the kits I manage have received vouchers, today it was only to the 1 email address.

          I opted in for FTDNA mailing list emails, maybe that is the difference.


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            The Holiday Vouchers are showing on members accounts now.


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              Holiday Coupon

              I received the email clicked on the link but the code is not there.


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                Not sure if I can transfer this- R15X7SOBYVQ2

                $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111


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                  Just a reminder re HOLIDAY SALE

                  Beyond the issue of the COUPONS, FTDNA has different price levels:
                  New Customers (pre and post HOLIDAY SALE)
                  New Customer HOLIDAY SALE (10% off)
                  Project new membership request price (see below)
                  Existing member UPGRADE (much better than 10%, see below)

                  New applicants to an existing Project membership on FTDNA get about the same discount on YDNA as the SALE price for new FTDNA customers, except for Y111, and the Family Finder is at $59 for the sale.

                  So if you are considering an "upgrade" of scores and are already a member of the DNA Project, you cannot use the HOLIDAY SALE because that is really only offered to NEW customers and is not as good as the membership upgrade price. To see your upgrade price, go the the UPGRADE button on your kit page for pricing.

                  Your membership upgrade price will BEAT the sale price.
                  A Y upgrade to 67 is $148 for a project member instead of the $229 HOLIDAY SALE price..
                  A Y upgrade to 111 would cost $249 for a project member instead of the $319 HOLIDAY SALE price.

                  If you are yourself a NEW result, or encouraging a NEW result for someone not a project member, the holiday sale is better only for Y111 if ordered as a new customer and not as a new Project member:
                  holiday Y37 $149 new project member discount THE SAME
                  holiday Y67 $229 new project member discount THE SAME
                  holiday Y111 $319 new project member discount $339

                  Bottom line: If you are sponsoring yourself or a new member for Y111, use the holiday sale price, and then request to JOIN a Project if applicable. Otherwise, if Y37 or Y67, request to join at an applicable Project (surname for Y, if there is one) and get the same discount, with the added advantage of getting the Project JOIN over with. Just a serving suggestion.
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                    I would be nice if FTDNA sent everyone an email and explained all this.......


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                      R15NCVHJ2OBS $20 off MTDNA.


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                        Thanks very much to gatty for the y-DNA coupon on the first page. I was able to use it and after order, received back a bonus coupon for the same offer so sharing it back here.

                        Y-37,67 or 111. $10 off valid until 11/21. Code R15WUUF4LYVN


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                          $10 off mtDNA until 11/21 code R150XF4O215C


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                            Vaild Until 11/21/2016

                            $10 off MTDNA


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                              $100 OFF BIG Y

                              $100 off of Big Y


                              Valid until 12/19, I believe.