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Where can I find a price for upgrade?

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    RobertCasey, ISOGG has a page showing the non-sale FTDNA Y-DNA and mtDNA upgrade prices. The page was last updated on 10 December 2016, but perhaps the prices haven't changed since then.

    This blog post by Roberta Estes has the current sale prices, including Y-DNA upgrades, but doesn't show the regular prices for them.


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      Straight from FTDNA (when approved):
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        Could you show from which FTDNA page you got the images? I checked the current sale page, but didn't see what you posted for the Y-DNA upgrades for STR tests, or any obvious links to such. Apparently the ISOGG page for pricing is not up to date. Thanks for finding current information, though.


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          No I can't. It was in an email I received from FTDNA on June 7th.


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            Ah, thank you. I see that I received that email also, but my email program does not automatically load remote content (the images). Since I already knew there was a sale, and had seen the sale prices elsewhere, I didn't bother to opt to show the images. I have now checked, and can also see what you posted now.

            I had received a prior Father's Day sale email message on June 4, but it didn't show pricing.


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              The Y-STR update option has now appeared and Y37 -> Y111 is showing as $29. It'd be rude not to.

              edit: Worth noting that I have the Big Y, so have the Y500 STR results already, it may be the price is just a nominal amount to update the various strings with known information.
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