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    Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
    I do not believe this is true.
    I have not had any problems with email from FTDNA, but I know that my Verizon mail server is often down/unreachable, so could imagine a scenario where FTDNA email might hit it at the wrong time, bounce and blacklist an address.


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      I was looking at a kit from a project a day or so when I noticed a pop up for that kit.
      Your primary email address is currently unsubscribed. Please provide a valid email address if you wish to receive updates from Family Tree DNA.

      Then there were two text fields where you are supposed to type an address and confirm it. There was an "Update" button as well as a line that is meant to be a button but does not look like one that says:
      I don't want to receive any updates from Family Tree DNA

      I don't think this pop up should be showing up to project admins, but who knows. This kit does have the "bulk" email setting as off which explains why this kit and not others got that message. I just closed it. No idea if it will reappear for the user of the kit whenever they choose to log back on.

      EDIT: Actually I just tried again and the pop up shows up again, so it isn't a one time thing. Also it does not appear to be related to having 'bulk' to off as it does not happen to other kits with the same setting.
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        Started confirming subscriptions.

        After clicking on the provided link, there is an option to see one's settings.

        In the settings, there are (kind of expected) checkmarks for Marketing Emails of four varieties:
        • Coupons
        • Sales
        • Special offers
        • Newsletter/Updates
        And then there is unexpected, free text fields with the following names/titles:
        • mtDNA Swap
        • E-L19
        • E-L674
        • I1-Z2535
        • R1b-DF63
        • R1b-DF21
        • R1b-Z251
        For a couple of kits I had seen, they were the same (regardless of sex or haplogroup or test).

        Any ideas ?

        Thank you in advance - Mr W