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Does GEDCom updload xfer to Geni?

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  • Does GEDCom updload xfer to Geni?


    I use myheritage program to do my family tree and uploaded the GEDcom to FTDNA, however does that transfer over to Geni? or is Geni just for DNA? or?


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    FTDNA is only a partner with Geni and I assume they'll forge partnerships with other organisations in the future (possibly FamilySearch/LDS?). This means that DNA results can be imported into Geni if you link your accounts through the Partnership Applications section.

    However, adding your GEDCOM on FTDNA won't import it into Geni and Geni disabled GEDCOM importing a few years ago because of the mess it was making.

    Your best bet for getting your family tree into Geni is through SmartCopy:

    It is a browser plugin that lets you import a family tree from another site, in your case MyHeritage. You'll need a Pro subscription (but I assume the 14 day free trial will work) and you need to be activated by posting in this thread. I also assume you'll need a MyHeritage subscription, if you don't have one you could try uploading your GEDCOM to WikiTree or FamilySearch and grabbing the data from there with SmartCopy.

    I've not used it myself but I believe it works through the data source and then flags up possible merges as it goes along, which reduces the amount of redundancy in the trees, especially the One World Tree.

    NB: MyHeritage and Geni are two separate companies (although the former now owns the latter) so the subscriptions are separate and so is the data. The only real link is that they'll suggest record and tree matches with MyHeritage data (including your own) which you can confirm if you have a subscription to both sites.


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      Thank you! Very informative!


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        Originally posted by DSMCasey View Post
        Thank you! Very informative!
        No problem.

        If you have a problem with importing the data you can give me a nudge to see if there is an easy fix or speak to a curator, as they have a few extra powers that allow them to quickly fix things without having to escalate it to staff. If you join some relevant projects (jobs, locations, surnames, etc.) and add your profiles to them, you'll find there will be a number of curators on those groups who are knowledgeable about the areas you are working in and can give more focused advice if you need it.

        And let me know how it goes, as I've not done the importing but if it works well it might help encourage more people to get involved, very handy now FTDNA data is integrated with