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  • Summer Sale???

    If I remember correctly, FTDNA used to have a sale on Family Finder in the summer. I don't think they did that last year, but as I was so busy packing to move I could have missed it.

    Does anyone have any idea if there is likely to be a sale any time before Thanksgiving?

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    Last year in the last 4 days of August there was a discount for the mtDNA Full Sequence. So there could still be a discount of some kind at the end of the summer, but don't expect anything major.

    Remember that patience can save you money. But if you need to collect a sample soon, you can always order a blank kit and worry about the test later.


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      That seems like an odd test to choose to put on sale in summer. As far as volume of sales goes, you'd think more people would buy a Family Finder or a Y-DNA than mtDNA Full Sequence.


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        My guess is that their summer sale was the father's day sale since it is during the summer. Since they focused on Y-DNA then, it makes sense they might choose something else for the end of summer. For some sales, they don't always do the same thing in a following year. So they might go with a Family Finder sale instead.


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          summer sale 2016

          Well we got our summer sale now! Unprecedented discount for Family Finder - $69. This was an offer I couldn't refuse and have already purchased 4 FF tests with maybe more to come.

          I only wish there were yDNA upgrades being offered - I can't use the bundles.


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            I only wish there were yDNA upgrades being offered

            Saw the following comment was on another site

            "DNA Tests are like chocolates-you always want another one"