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What are the advantages to this new FF interface?

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    Like the last poster, there's (at least) one of my matches that can't be found when doing a name search.

    Also, what's the point of that *very annoying* "will reset in 5 seconds" message if you've made a typo, except for pounding the webserver unnecessarily?


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      I am having some of the same problem.
      I have been trying to do my mothers and her brothers yesterday and nothing showing up even though I have linked all of us.

      My father's and his 1 st cousins I did first and that did work.
      Except for a glitch my fathers 1/2 1 st cousin shows up in my account on my paternal side which is correct.
      However when I go to his account it does not show up on his paternal side or Maternal or both and I did do the linking . However it does show on her Maternal side where it should.


      Originally posted by JSW View Post
      In my case I added in my gedcom last week and set up all my
      kits with links. I have 2 maternal aunts one maternal uncle
      and several 1st cousins linked in.
      My Paternal and Maternal tabs are still both zero with
      1925 in the All tab.
      I hope this is just a problem with the upgrade of this weekend
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        Here are my thoughts on the new layout:

        1) I like that it shows the total number of matches and 30 matches per page.
        2) It seems like instead of posting the results directly to the website, it now uses an application so it takes a little longer to load and the very first thing you see almost looks like an error.
        3) I'm wondering if some of my matches disappeared or if their shared DNA just dropped.
        4) I liked when the CM numbers went out to two decimals but I can probably adjust to whole numbers only.
        5) It looks like you have to select a person first and then you can choose the common matches.
        6) Is the only way to use the paternal and maternal tabs by connecting to matches through a tree? I'm still in the process of creating a Gedcom, but I only plan to add direct ancestors and my parents and grandparents have not tested.
        7) I think some people complained about notes, but I can see the notes icon just fine between e-mail and tree.
        8) I like how they put the most common surnames at the top right in small writing.
        9) I like that matches are now sorted by shared CM.


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          Roberta Estes describes in her blog about the advantages of the new function in FF. I guess there are still some glitches while sorting, but when FTDNA will fix them we┬┤ll get to learn about the use.


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            This is definitely not an improvement as the tools I used the most were the ICW and not ICW to select people to view in the Chromosome browser. Also, if you use the search box to locate someone, the checkmark does not work.

            Also, as a project co-admin, I did not receive an email about these changes, and cannot help anyone sort through how to make things work like they used to. Very frustrating indeed.


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              I understand the advantages of the new interface for a percentage of customers: those who have submitted a family tree and have the appropriate known matches on maternal and paternal sides.
              My observation is that, at least on the matches that I get, less than half have a family tree attached to their results. Again this is a personal observation and may not reflect the database as a whole.
              Because my own research involves family adoptions, this new interface is, at this point, fairly useless to me as I cannot submit a family tree with any certainly of its validity. It is also more cumbersome for me to use.
              Now, I'm wondering if this interface is a less than subtle encouragement to submit that family tree and thereby increase the database's information and worth.
              Again, an option to work with either the old or new interface might better accommodate the varying needs of its customers.


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                Actually, it's now impossible to find common matches

                for anyone you need to seach for by name in order to select. This is HORRIBLE!!!! Please restore the old matches in common function!

                Also, please show shared cM and longest segment to two decimal places! With the new interface, I'm going to have to use the chromosome browser to get this info for my database -- what a pain!

                Also, please go back to providing separate searches for match surnames and ancestral surnames! I often want to search for one or the other, but hardly ever both at once!


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                  Originally posted by susan_dakin View Post
                  Also, please go back to providing separate searches for match surnames and ancestral surnames! I often want to search for one or the other, but hardly ever both at once!
                  Click on "Advanced Search" under the search box and you'll see two search boxes. One for surname and one for ancestral names. These appear to work the same way the old searches worked.


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                    Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
                    Click on "Advanced Search" under the search box and you'll see two search boxes. One for surname and one for ancestral names. These appear to work the same way the old searches worked.
                    Yes, thanks. So it's just one more extra click. And what is so "advanced" about this function? Of course, the much bigger problem is that the search results still can't be used for viewing matches in common.


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                      I think it is a plus to be able to have them simultaneously search for a surname in both the Name Field and the Ancestral Surnames Field -

                      BUT I would have thought separately was the norm, combined the "Advanced".

                      Think it would make more sense to have it start with the two separate lines - and under, have "Do combined Search" - which when you click, gets to what they now start with.

                      I absolutely agree - when you find a person thru search, there should then be a way to be able to do "In Common With" for the whole database.

                      I also agree with those who hate the Re-Load after 5 seconds if your search was not found. Think better to leave - let you look, see what you mistyped or know for sure it was not found.


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                        I find it very frustrating and a waste of time to click on what appears to be a family tree for a match and the only person shown in the tree is the person who tested. Nothing more so why make it appear that there is a tree listed for a match. Wasting so much time. Also I find that there is a bunch of needless clicking. Why not show the ancestry view of each tree first with the 15 generations view instead of 4 generations which there is hardly ever a match that close anyway.


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                          I agree. It was bad enough when a match added a one person tree and you found it a waste of time to click on it. But now they've added one person trees to almost everybody, so you really waste time.

                          I also agree that the Ancestry view of the tree should open to 15 generations as there's no reason I can see to only viewing 4. And I think we should be able to set our own default view, so we could always skip family view altogether. I never ever look at that. Does anybody? What I really want is a pedigree view!!!

                          And I don't think they need to hide the second Search box under "Advanced" It doesn't take up that much room and I don't consider it advanced at all.


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                            Not in synch with Gedmatch utility?

                            When I run the "People who match one or both kits" in GedMatch for 2 FTDNA results, there is a 'common' match from FTDNA that does not appear when I run the 'in common' utility in FTDNA.
                            For those who are familiar with this GedMatch utility here are the results:

                            Shared 11.7
                            Largest 11.7
                            Shared 16.5
                            Largest 11.3
                            Gen 4.9
                            Gen Difference 0.2

                            What's going on here?


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                              It seems to be working pretty well now and they seem to have been really responsive, fixing and improving tons of stuff in just a few days.


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                                So - what are we supposed to do about those 1-person trees that they created? Can we delete them? Why would they have created them without our permission?