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Gedmatch no longer accepting FTDNA kits

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  • Any long-time gedmatch users out there? Remember in the early days, they used to have a section for uploading your DNA matches CSV file? Now that went far beyond any current privacy concerns. If I remember correctly, FTDNA never made a peep about that. As I recall gedmatch removed it on a redesign with the goal being better site performance (not any privacy issue).


    • BTW, the goal is not for Gedmatch to become more like FTDNA.... At least, I hope not. Gedmatch's analytical tools are far superior! Leave our Gedmatch alone!!


      • GEDMatch

        FTDNA, please stop this stupid action against GEDMatch, and please stop attempting to place the fault with them.

        GEDMatch is a free site wherein people have the ability to ON THEIR OWN download their data from FTDNA and then ON THEIR OWN upload that data to the GEDMatch site. By doing so the people who choose to do this are by their very actions accepting the responsibility for any so-called "loss of privacy". FTDNA cannot be held responsible for any mythical privacy loss.

        IF FTDNA has any lawyers worth the money being spent for their services, those lawyers could explain this to them.


        • Lawyers...

          I suspect Gedmatch may have been responding to a "cease and desist" type letter from a lawyer. They are usually worth the effort to throw them in a trash can but not always. On occasion, management of the sending company is aghast at the contents.

          Continued user support for Gedmatch to propel FTDNA into collaborating on a solution that is not overly disruptive to Gedmatch users and possibly even funding its implementation is vital. The bottom line is that Gedmatch is run by a very small cadre of volunteers and likely doesn't have the resources for any sort of strong legal defense even though their prevalence might be a slam dunk. I doubt they could afford the expense and especially the time to just get through the discovery phase.

          I haven't seen the schema of the Gedmatch database, but translating old to new IDs would likely be quite a burden. Don't assume it would be quick and easy; it might be simple but it might also make the service unusable for weeks.

          -Wilbon Davis


          • I was thinking of ordering an additional test from ftdna but I am now looking at other companies. I will no longer recommend FTDNA to anyone I know.


            • Surely if there is any privacy issue, that is a matter between the affected party (the Gedmatch poster) and Gedmatch, and nothing to do with FTDNA, whatsoever?

              FTDNA may have its own privacy policy but if it is my data and I accept that a third party may access my data, the risk is mine, and any ensuing issues are between me and the third party.

              Come on FTDNA. As we are talking about the data you hold only with the consent of your customers be open with those same customers about this issue, specifying exactly what your objections (on our behalf?) are!


              • Very displeased

                I am very displeased with the FTDNA for not allowing us to upload our DNA into GEDMATCH.
                As someone who came here to find my ancestry roots because my mothers grandmother came to America under a made up name and started a whole new life under a new name.

                Trying to connect with family has been difficult and I have had only matches on my father's side from here.

                I just had my mothers brother do his DNA to isolate our matches in hopes to find our roots and now it won't make a hill of beans! He is 80 and I don't expect a long life span, but I will not buy another FTDNA test for any more of our family members so that means the next one goes to 23andme.

                FTDNA just lost my business and my recommendation to others interested in testing and I know many like me, assumed Jewish ancestry that we are trying to uncover, but with this hindrance I will take my business elsewhere!


                • I'm at a loss to understand any problem of privacy in connecting a kit no. with an e-mail address. The e-mail address itself is one of the poster's choosing and may be devised specifically and solely for use with Gedmatch kits if one chooses.

                  Also, surely, abandoning the letter prefix that identifies the testing company at Gedmatch (replace it with a G for instance?), is sufficient to get around the idea that a kit is identifiable to a testing company?

                  This is all speculation though, because FTDNA have not revealed the problem but the notice at Gedmatche's site suggests that to do so could affect FTDNA, so we may never learn the reason. Looks like voting with our feet may be our only recourse. I'd certainly have an issue with Gedmatch AND FTDNA if the former remove my data at the behest and threat of FTDNA, as the latter have no ownership rights upon it, and whatever their issue is, should not impact on my right to use my data freely, as I wish, with whomsoever I wish.


                  • Google Review

                    I plan to review on yelp and google and whichever other sites out there not to use FTDNA if because of this unless they do not want to be able to use their DNA to find matches from other who used a different service.

                    Very upset about this, especially since I have already personally spent over $1000 testing myself and other family members!

                    Taking the rest of my business elsewhere.


                    • With FTDNA's latest statement they seem to be contradicting themselves. Either you own the raw data and are free to do with it as you want or you don't. FTDNA needs to start treating its customers as component adults. I thought the purpose of a site like gedmatch was to share information. If that is not your aim then stay clear of gedmatch and leave others to enjoy its many benefits. In fact if you are not interested in the sharing of information maybe you shouldn't get into genealogical dna in the first place.


                      • Originally posted by stev703 View Post
                        Forget FTDNA!! Just do Ancestry or 23andme!

                        Gedmatch is 10 times the genealogical service that FTDNA ever will be.

                        BTW, If anyone knows of a reliable Y-DNA testing company please let me know.
                        YSEQ offers both STR and SNP testing although their STR testing is limited. They are also cheaper and run by former FTDNA partners.
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                        • WHAT are they thinking?

                          Originally posted by RMAC View Post
                          I plan to review on yelp and google and whichever other sites out there not to use FTDNA if because of this unless they do not want to be able to use their DNA to find matches from other who used a different service.

                          Very upset about this, especially since I have already personally spent over $1000 testing myself and other family members!

                          Taking the rest of my business elsewhere.


                          • Having read FTDNA's latest posting on Facebook (above), I still cannot understand the problem unless someone is posting kits on Gedmatch that are other people's data but controlled under their account, but that would be a FTDNA issue and not a Gedmatch one.

                            My understanding is that Gedmatch is supported only by donation so I can understand why refusing FTDNA kits may be a preferable option to software changes, if the latter are expensive or time consuming. The more tools there are for comparing results the more use and the greater the demand for DNA testing there is. If FTDNA have real issues, why don't they improve all their after sales comparison tools. There is a huge scope for that. People use Gedmatch because it's good and it works. The same cannot be said for FTDNA's tools.


                            • Hello all,

                              As most of you have now seen the face book post there is not much else I have to add at this time. It is my understanding that it was Gedmatch's choice to suspend uploads until the specific issues can be resolved. Management has not wanted to yet comment on the specific issues at hand since they do not want it being taken advantage of by anyone with not so honest intentions.

                              This has all escalated quickly and I am sorry it is appearing like a he said she said type scenario.

                              I feel that gedmatch is a very valuable tool and I have seen the success stories in the forum. I am pushing for an agreeable resolution for this and will recommend that if you have not yet done so, to fill out the contact us form and use the gedmatch category to express concerns.

                              I hope to see a quick resolution for this but ultimately I do not know where it may end up. I will try and keep you posted with any information I can provide.

                              Family Tree DNA


                              • FT DNA- very disappointed in you

                                We don't know the facts, because you won't give them to us. This suggests there is a less than admirable issue involved. I have LOVED FT DNA and Gedmatch and use them together. If I have to choose, I choose Gedmatch; as their motive is not profit motivated. Really, people. It is OUR DNA and we should be able to make the decision to place it on any site we wish. If you don't resolve this soon, I am afraid your business will suffer; but my friends and I are hoping you can work this out to everyone's satisfaction.