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Gedmatch no longer accepting FTDNA kits

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    FTDNA & GEDmatch

    I logged into GEDmatch just now and saw this message in place of the link to instructions for uploading FTDNA data.

    NOTICE: We are no longer accepting FTDNA DNA kit uploads. We have been asked not to say why. Please Contact FTDNA if you have any questions.

    I thought the Family Finder raw data was ours. GEDmatch still accepts raw data from 23andMe and Ancestry.


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      Not a happy camper!!!

      Just logged into GEDmatch to compare some new #s and saw the note about FTDNA... I'm posting here as I'm not sure who to contact to voice my displeasure about this.
      I have also used FamilyTree for the men in my family because of the surname projects but won't be telling anyone else to use them for the FamilyFinder UNLESS they do something so that the raw data can then be uploaded to GEDmatch!!!
      GEDmatch has the best program around for comparing all of the DNA and they are FREE!!! They only provide a service IF you have your raw data SO they are not taking any business away from Family Tree.
      I certainly hope someone gives us an explanation AND SOON!!!


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        When it comes to communication FTDNA is primarily inept.


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          Total 20cMs requirement

          GEDmatch is the only place I can make absolutely sure if a DNA cousin is related to my maternal side or paternal side, because on the dumb 20cMs requirement. Too many times to count someone will matches me, but doesn't match my mother at ftdna, then they upload to GEDmatch and low and behold they match my mother on the same segment as me!


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            Perhaps, she says hopefully, this presages some wonderful announcement from FTDNA whereby we can access the wonderful additional tools GEDmatch provides?
            - comparisons between kits not necessarily in our match lists, by tweaking the match parameters
            - triangulation
            But I cannot quite see how this will cross testing company boundaries.

            Hope this is indeed resolved VERY soon before speculation gets totally out of control over the why/how long etc.


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              FTDNA and GEDMatch

              I saw the post at GedMatch "We are no longer accepting FTDNA DNA kit uploads. We have been asked not to say why. Please Contact FTDNA if you have any questions." It sounds like FTDNA doesn't want GedMatch to use the raw data DNA found on our behalf (and that WE paid for?) BUT isn't that info OUR PROPERTY since we paid many $$$ for the tests?

              I am VERY disappointed with the stance FTDNA seems to be taking and this will play in my future purchases of atDNA testing kits.

              I currently sponsor a dozen or more DNA tests. Until further notice (or until FTDNA changes their stance concerning GedMatch) I will be advising those interested in an atDNA test to purchase the service thorough

              Tom Caulley


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                Me too ..... not happy about that .... hope there is a very good, reason and hope it NOT a permanent action.


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                  Finally worked my way to this thread .... I've seen the message and also sent in a ticket for information on the nature of the change ..... don't tell me that I have to start recommending Ancestry to my cousins !!! What's the heck is going on ?


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                    This May Be Due To A Lawsuit

                    This whole mess may be due to a lawsuit that's been snaking its way through the courts in Alaska since 2014.

                    JUNEAU, Alaska (Legal Newsline) - A class action lawsuit has been filed against Family Tree DNA after customers claimed their privacy was violated.


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                      If it has anything to do with being "unwelcomed" to use DNA they have stored. FamilyTreeDNA needs to realize two things:
                      1. While the DNA they gather from their customers is gathered through their policy/protocols - their rights to an individual's DNA is rather limited by law. Yes - customers freely give DNA with an understanding it's stored, protected, can be used for further research without customers consent, but they do not own the DNA. That is unlawful.

                      2. Gedmatch has only increased their business. Why would you deter a customer from a tool that would more likely enable them the buy your products? It's like being able to buy Nikes to put whatever shoelaces you want on them.

                      Hopefully - this is a review type thing. However it could be deeper - or - they could be developing a similar tool?? Hmm - customers deserve clarification.


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                            Actually, if a customer of FTDNA decides to take their raw data and upload it somewhere else, isn't that customer taking responsibility for their privacy out of the hands of FTDNA and into their own hands?


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                              Yes. I suspect this is the result of that lawsuit they are going through. They were sued because someone joined a project without knowing their data would become public. So FTDNA must be trying to revamp how they do things to prevent future lawsuits.