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    On the surname projects....can people submit money to be applied to a specific person's kit.? As in...a bunch of cousins chipping in to help defray costs for a male cousin to take the Ydna test. Or does that contribution apply to a generic fund that goes to anybody? Thanks

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    The admin controls how the fund is spent. When funds are entered there are places where you can enter the donor's name and a note. Get with the admin and agree on what will be put in the note field to indicate the donation is for your group effort.


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      Thank you!

      Now all I have to do is to convince everyone to chip in. I thought it a brilliant idea, but so far I haven't had one response.


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        Strategies for funds

        The General Funds can be tricky. The problem is the amount of activity (or lack of it) on your Project site page. I find that having another research site, (SPOKT, Facebook, Yahoo Group) is requisite, since people who really want to see these results are not always the people you want the sample from. (I use a SPOKT site and it is a very good replacement for the defunct MyFamily sites.) As Jim Barrett states: you can notate each individual donation, and when there are enough for that result, you can order for the new member as Admin. I do that all the time, it keeps me in touch with the new members more personally, and aids those who find the whole process daunting, especialy if they have no interest in the science and just want to be helpful.

        I get donations when I post cases of genuine need; in one case, a man on dialysis. When the result can be a KEY result, such as a "tie-breaker," or a result from a line that I have been looking for for years, sometimes I have to bypass the General Funds and pay for the results myself and beg for replacement funds on the SPOKT site. But you can post the URL to the PUBLIC YDNA Project page on other sites, and in most cases, I have been able to pay all or part of seven results from General Funds.

        We face this issue every time we have a "fence-sitter" who will not commit. Sending a fully paid-up kit usually gets the sample, but you have to sell the need to the other members of your network, sometimes it is a hard sell. Especially as you cannot guarantee that the result is as you might have expected it to be afterwards.
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